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Is this you?

Do you feel that life won't happen unless you make it happen, and so now you're exhausted, perhaps even feeling burnt out as a result of doing it all yourself?.

Is your life in flux?  Perhaps your children have flown the nest and you're trying to adjust?  Maybe you're a new mum, a return to worker, or perhaps starting your own business and feeling overwhelmed and becoming stressed?

Maybe you have already gone through all this and are coming to realise that you've less years ahead of you than behind.  Maybe you're looking for greater meaning and purpose to living those years.

Every change can make us feel like we are swans on the water of life.  We attempt to move around gracefully but, in reality, we're paddling for all we're worth, often just to keep standing still.   

Whatever your situation, sometimes it can feel like you need someone to keep you afloat and then help you move forward to that better future that, up until now, you've only dreamed about.

I'm Elaine Sullivan


I'm the founder of Elaine K Sullivan (apart from it being my name of course) and from the age of 9, I knew the career I wanted, and I was perfectly happy in that career for most of my life.  However after a series of challenges leaving me feeling totally out of control, continued on-going stress coupled with a need for and simply wanting more for myself, I reached a period in my life where I started to question my earlier choices; did they still apply, were they what I wanted and, more importantly, were they applicable to my life today?  Then, as I contemplated this new stage to my life I was entering, I was lucky to attend an event which showed to me that I did have choices.  It taught me that I needn't be tied to my previously chosen life which I felt no longer served me, and so I made that leap!  However, without the support of those around me, people I chose to have as my partners, confidantes and supporters during this change to my world, I feel certain that leap would have failed, and I wouldn't have been able to achieve the life I have today.

Thanks to this transformation I really understand how you feel.  I know the support you need to keep going when the times get tough, how to help you on your way and where having someone holding you accountable, to question and challenge you, can keep you on the right track to achieving your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

Elaine Sullivan
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