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Getting up when life knocks you down. 'Bounce-back-ability'?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

What does it mean to be mentally resilient? Does it mean that you will walk around impervious to any stress in your life, any slight that someone my through at you. Does it mean that what ever happens you will be unaffected by it.

Resilience doesn’t mean that we won’t get affected, but if you go with the dictionary definition, it’s about having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or the ability …. to spring back into shape.

So resilience for me isn’t about not being affected by something, but it’s about ‘bounce-back-ability’ and more importantly having bounced back, having the strength to view whatever the challenge, in a less emotional way, in order to be objective, learn the lessons from it, and be less impacted if it happens again in the future.

Very often we get upset or offended, not by the actions of other but as a result of our expectations of the world not being met. Perhaps someone has a view that we disagree with or they act in a manner that is at odds with our values and in understanding what is happening, how we think and why we react, we have the opportunity to grow our resilience; and resilience is like a muscle the more we exercise it the stronger it becomes.

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