Are you doing it 'On Purpose'?

‘Purpose’ … the reason something is done, or for which something exists; one’s intention or objective.

As we start to think about our life, we look towards our ‘purpose’, our reason for being here. For each and every one of us, the likelihood is that, each and every one of us will have a different viewpoint. Boiling it down, however, the chances are that we could sum up every view into two simple aims, the first ‘to grow’ and the second ‘to contribute’.

Once the idea of ‘purpose’ is simplified in this manner, then striving to finding our purpose is also simplified. Those who may have, previously, felt a perceived pressure of becoming the ‘best they can be’, may have already felt that their ‘purpose’ has been limited. needs to be clearly defined in order to become an experience that can be measured can now define for themselves how want ‘to grow’, and what ‘contribution’ may mean in the reality of their own personal world.

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