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Should you be commited?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

To make the best of any situation takes ‘Commitment’, whether it’s about regularly going to the gym to complete a full-on exercise programme or simply taking a daily walk for general fitness and a breath of fresh air, whether that’s learning the full vocabulary of a language or just a smattering of a few key phrases, each person’s approach is individual; but to fathom out what you can commit to, you need to understand your own motivation, and what you are hoping to achieve as a result.

Take the issue around learning a language for instance. Imagine you are going to be dropped in a country where English isn’t spoken, you will have no access to a phrase book, internet or any other means of language support. Imagine too, then, a situation where you knew it was only going to be for a couple of weeks and all you needed was to order your food, get a bed for a night, get a drink, etc. you’d probably be quite content to commit to learning just that, however the chances are you’d have very interest in learning the whole language; after all, what’s the point? However, if you were to be stranded there for a lifetime the chances are, unless you wanted to be totally isolated, the commitment of learning a large vocabulary and the associated grammar would suddenly seem far more appealing and certainly far less onerous than if it was forced upon you to cope with the first situation.

Without understanding and then truly believing in, why you are doing something, you are unlikely to truly commit and then follow through and complete whatever is necessary to achieve your desired aims.

Commitment, therefore, is not just about saying you are going to do something, it’s often not just about pushing through and completing something, it’s about truly believing in something, to the very core of your being. This ‘believing’, supports the knowing that you will complete, and it’s the knowing, that that overrides, doubt, fear, hesitancy, and any potential for failure.

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