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Personalised Approach


I've been there. I know what it's like to feel so totally overwhelmed by what's going on in your life that you don't know where to start.  I read the self help books, watched the videos and whilst full of great stuff felt that they didn't apply to me.  They were too generic, way too prescriptive.  I had to find a path that I could take, combining what I'd learnt into something that I was applicable to my own life. 

It's that combination of different thoughts and processes that I now offer my own clients, sometimes a prescriptive method does work, but often we have to get more creative.  Which ever way we chose, we work together and it is never a 'one size fits all'. 

When I work with my clients it's to help them succeed, but I know success has to be on their own terms.

Excellence and Professionalism 


'Success on your own terms'.  For years you've probably lived your own life doing what's necessary to 'succeed', whether that's in your career or your personal life.  I expect you've done a great job, you've got the promotion, raised the children, been a great spouse, but now you want more.  

It's not my job to judge you, there's no 'right' or 'wrong', however I help you find out what is or what isn't working for you.

Our sessions are confidential, they are 'client centred', meaning I work with you, support you, challenge you, help you to find yourself, your needs and wants and, more importantly, design and then achieve a life of your own making.

Passionate and Motivated


I love life.  For me coaching is not simply a one way street.  Coaching is an opportunity to forge a supportive and on-going relationship between the Coach and the 'Coachee' and explore all that life can bring.  Coaching for me it's about seeing people make breakthroughs, succeeding at the small stuff, not just the big stuff, and growing through the processes. It's knowing that with the right support and motivation we can all create more, BE more.  Working with others fires and motivates me, and with that energy I can support you.

Whether you are seeking a coach to deal with a specific situation or whether you are seeking long term transformation, I will work with you to create a programme that will motivate and inspire you throughout your journey, and encourage you to grow into the best version of yourself.

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