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Well, sort of ...


In 2003 Skybrook Consultants Ltd was born out of a need to provide IT support and consultancy to such clients as HP, Siemens, Fujitsu, and the BBC to name a few.

Over the years Skybrook Consultants staff have worked on some very large profile projects, supporting a broad range of environments from telecom billing with Vodaphone, passport processing for the UK Border Agency, internet and client server applications for the Department of Trade and Industry, and creation of the first on line UK Census in 2011.


After 18 years Skybrook Consultants Ltd has now ceased trading, however its founder Elaine K Sullivan continues to offer training and coaching, and is also a public speaker, having spoken at a number of international Agile conferences and women's events. 

In not having to look after Skybrook Consultants, Elaine has the additional benefit of more time for leisure.  As result, she's often seen on the golf course, working on the challenge of getting her handicap down to a more reasonable level.

For further information on the services that Elaine K Sullivan now offers, or just to catch up

and see how her handicap's coming along

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