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Will you follow your dreams?

Explore who you are, and what  really makes you tick

A full day retreat, focused on you, learning how you can achieve more, and overcome your limiting beliefs.

A retreat and support system created just for you

What do I know about achieving personal and business goals?

Having had my most transformational year yet, in 2016, I want to help others around me to achieve their dreams and overcome their limiting beliefs. Whether it’s through small personal goals, or larger life-long dreams, there IS a way and I’d like help you on that journey.  


If you choose to join me, the journey we will go on will not be that of a standard course with rules or prescribed activities; it will be tailored and targeted to your own personal needs. We all do better when we have a group of like-minded people around us, and I aim to create supportive groups of individuals that can help challenge and channel our dreams.

What Will You Be a Part Of?

Turn on your dream machine in an exclusive one day retreat

Join other likeminded women, in a supportive and safe environment to truly be yourself. We will explore who and what you are, and what makes you really tick. Working alongside others, you will find a way to overcome your limiting beliefs and be more creative and determined for your future journey.


Join a supportive group to keep your machine turned on

After the full day retreat, we will invite you into a small, select, and private group, to continue achieving your dreams, sharing your journey and learning more about yourself within a safe and supportive space.


The places on each of these courses will be limited to ensure that what I provide is going to really meet your needs.


Start Now:

Find out more about the event below or reserve your place today, to truly achieve your dreams in 2017. We are currently taking bookings for our 24th June event.

TURN ON your Dreams - Full day retreat

Join us on this full day retreat dedicated to working on your self, your dreams, your goals, and YOUR journey.


Just £349 per person

JUNE ONLY OFFER: Bring a friend for just £99

What people say about this retreat:

What is included in our full-day intensive retreat


A full day intensive, hands-on retreat, which covers:

  • Self-Analysis: Getting to know the real you. Understand your natural traits and tendencies, and what really excites you, and how to make this truly work for you and your professional life.

  • Mastering your Mind and Emotions: Control your thoughts rather than have your thoughts control you. Learn to recognise hidden thought processes that limit your own success and relationships. 

  • Action Planning: Living your life with purpose. Turn on your Dream Machine and learn how to create meaningful goals that are ultimately achievable, optionally backed up with 3-month group support.


On the day:

Arrival from 9am, starting at 9:30am

Tea, coffee, and pastries on arrival

Mid morning tea and muffins

2-course buffet lunch

Afternoon tea, coffee, & selection of cakes

Refreshments and stationery included

We will be finished by 6pm, but welcome to continue chatting, and discovering afterwards.


What you will need:

An open mind

A driven passion to really achieve your dreams and goals in the coming 3 months

Stationery is provided so you can get hands-on and absorb all we share with you to help you on your journey!


Start Now:

Find out more about the event below or reserve your place today, to truly achieve your dreams in 2017. We are currently taking bookings for our 24th June event.


What Do Other People Say?

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your training session. I loved your energy and the way you condensed a very ‘full’ topic on Procrastination and Goal Setting within a short space of time and still kept it exciting and informative.. such a pleasure to see a master trainer at work!"

—  Lindsey Wheeler, Saffire Consulting Ltd.

Looking for more support?

Join a select few to SUPERCHARGE Your Dream Machine.


Working directly with Elaine on a year-long programme to truly realise your dreams and goals and have your most transformative year yet.


This is an exclusive programme with only a select number of spaces, so please arrange our free consultation first, mentioning you would like to join this programme so we can really delve in deep to see if we are the right fit.


Also to help you meet with others who are as passionate and as driven towards their goals as you are, I first ask that we have an initial 45 minute consultation where we can get to know one another, and make sure that we are a great fit for the journeys ahead of us.


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